About Our History


Pipe Dream Hits was built to help content creators achieve their dreams.

Fear of DMCA should never be an obstacle…

Pipe Dream Hits is a royalty-free music company that focuses on helping aspiring streamers and content creators.

We want to make high-quality music freely available, easy to use, and completely safe for content creators.

You can make your dreams a reality!

DMCA Free Music
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 What Benefits Will You Get?
Pipe Dream Hits is dedicated to bringing you the best music to use worry-free!
We provide you with 100s of quality tracks for you to use live, or download, for free!*
Join a community of people trying to build each other up! 
You can make your dreams a reality!

How Pipe Dreams Hits Works

Go to any of the platforms and start using our music in the back of your stream. We will never copyright claim, DMCA strike, or flag any of your videos for copyright infringement.* 
Start now worry-free and enjoy our music in the back of your streams or download to create your own videos. No credit required.
*Please refer to our licensing policy for further details. We do not allow reselling parts or whole of any music. Usage in the background of videos, live streams etc. are allowed.