Safe for Live Streaming, YouTube Videos, and more!

Did we mention it was free?!?

Copyright Free Music
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We Hate DMCA.

Any songs by Pipe Dream Hits will never be demonetized, DMCA’d, Copyright struck, or taken down by us.

…and they are FREE to use!

Simply Choose your Preferred Music Streaming Platform and Start Playing in the Background of Your Streams!

Highlighted List of Approved Websites:


We have ensured that all our songs are whitelisted on Twitch! Your clips, vods, etc. will not be flagged by us. Let’s end the deleting of memories!


You are free to use our music in your YouTube videos, and while you are streaming, without fear! We have made sure that YouTube will not demonetize, DMCA strike, or takedown any videos because you use our music.


100% safe to use on TikTok! We have also uploaded our music so you can add it to your own content. Just search “Pipe Dream Hits” to find all your favorite songs!


We have tested Facebook posts and ensured our music will not be muted or copyright struck if played in the background of any videos you post! 


We have tested and ensured our music will not be muted or flagged if played in the background of any videos you post to Twitter!